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        How to maintain the gasket of Plate heat exchanger  Visit:957


        PHE gasket is is an important component in technology of the process industry equipment of plate heat exchanger .The gasket (see table 1) is a kind of wearing parts which in each plate fin seal between, and easy to aging under natural conditions .The service life of gasket has an important influence for the service life of PHE. Also the PHE will not work if these sealed heat curing and lost the original elasticity.(continuous or discontinuous) - cooling medium and the use of cleaner - the highest working temperature - pressure - corrosion because of too much pressure and uneven pressure and make the gasket stress larger - natural aging.

        PHE gasket softening of associated with pressure and temperature, heat exchanger will be dripping when the gasket losing elasticity,. In some of the products, in order to solve the dripping phenomenon, caused by seal aging and allowed to adjust the sealing performance of heat exchanger, namely again tight combination of plate heat exchanger of rubber gasket bolts, adjust various heat exchanger elastic gasket between the clamping force, solve the problem of dripping. On the nameplate has the function of the heat exchanger, generally allow the maximum and minimum stress is presented. For the new heat exchanger group should using the smallest allow stress into the connect fixing. We can adjust the tightening force one ore more times that depending on the plate qty in each group, Every time tighten ,nut can be turned into 3 mm, and pay attention to adjust the stress situation of slice in the process of tightening, also to prevent dripping only allowed working without pressure of the PHE at room temperature to adjust tight force.
        For some PHE gasket did not given the stress adjustment range in the nameplate ,general stress values are given in the part drawing, when tighten this kind of plate heat exchanger gasket, on no account should tightening torque values specified below drawing, because it is related to the assembly quality, the assembly deformation of PHE gasket. The tightening torque to achieve the requirement of the specified value, can be in a planned way of gasket for replacement. In the important production equipment and plate heat exchanger used in the corrosive medium gasket that suggestion a set of spare ones. Warehouse temperature around 18 ℃ with transparent plastic packaging, the PHE gasket can be storaged 3 years or so.

        Fixing the gasket
        In principle, the fixing type divided into glue-type and non-glue one. The shape of the gasket should consistent with the shape of PHE sealing groove. It must be noted that glue-type fixing have not any effect in sealing function .  

        Non-glue type - alignment: place the gasket in place - in: make the gasket correctly into the seal grooves, pressure: in the seal groove, a cross section decreases channel structure, so that the gasket correct positioning

        Glue-type According to the intended use of the gasket and sealing quality that we can use different manufacturer of harmonic type sealant and non-harmonic sealant. We should use steam flow thoroughly remove adhesive surface residual binder and residual gasket before adhesiving. For mixed type sealing adhesive joint, must use the fire residues on the surface of the plate heat exchanger gasket combined with bonding agent and residual seal. Adhesive in large quantities, should be ready to seal the liquid nitrogen pools, frozen ready for plate heat exchanger with gasket ,and dry processing furnace, heating temperature should be up to 160 ℃, if there are conditions, deal with gasket for chemical cleaning, to ensure that thoroughly remove residues in plate heat exchanger groove in combination with surface adhesion of the gasket.

        May, in accordance with plate heat exchanger gasket bee room observation hole to understand the installation of the gasket is correct or not.

        Plate heat exchanger of rubber gasket should be used in combination with surface chemical detergent to clean up (for example, the use of acetone).Also, also must use the chemical detergent to remove adhesive in sealing mat softener and antiblocking coating. Apply glue to the various adhesive joint surface in central. Depending on the width of the gasket, the width of the adhesive is about the width of a match, and then use the brush to dope in the bonding surface evenly daub, in order to make full use of the joint surface. Depending on the type of binder for certain ventilation drying time, and then into the gasket, will each plate heat exchanger gasket stacked together, tighten the screw tighten, or stacked with heavy pressure on the heat exchanger group. Depending on the type of bonding agent, hardening time is about 8 ~ 20 hours. For mixed type adhesive, it must be for screw tightening and hardening furnace heating.
        The advantages and disadvantages of glue-type and non-glue type sealing.

        Clear and clean
        Usually, people discover the seal failure of heat exchanger through equipment cold sports drip in the process of cooling or parking  , some rubber gasket of the plate heat exchanger has the function of secondary regulation and allowed in case of a small drips to tighten heat exchanger tablet group. Thus increase between each gasket stress, solve dripping phenomenon in a short period of time. In the heat exchanger of the new assembly, you can use a combination of large length, when there is a drip, then tighten the groups of plate heat exchanger rubber gasket , using a combination of longer length. Minimum length and maximum array length size usually can be seen in the plate heat exchanger. Note: length cannot be less than the minimum combination. After the combination of the heat exchanger to minimize combined length is still dripping, the gasket must need to change.

        KK industrial service co., LTD is an enterprise specialized in the plate heat exchanger gasket debugging service, To each rubber gasket of PHE enterprise for maintenance service. In cooperation with different process industry users, AKK company developed its own unique, effective and low cost of heat exchanger, heat exchanger, cleaning, testing and the replacement of the rubber gasket technology. Its main steps for rubber parts replacement technique as below:
        1. Inspection and testing of recycling performance. In the case of suspected corrosion of heat exchangers and pipe wall thickness  2, remove aging seals, according to the different dirt, with Haug chemical co., LTD. Jointly developed for chemical cleaning, acid - alkali cleaning pool was cleaning the surface of the parts are not subject to the corrosion of chemical medium (such as gasoline ) 3, After the chemical cleaning, chemical medium residues on the surface of the plate heat exchanger gasket will be thoroughly removed by high pressure blowing off device 4, the heat exchanger plate coated with fluorescent test agent, under the irradiation of uv light to check whether there is a small crack and corrosion holes, and clean again. In addition, also check the status of seal groove, emphatically adjust when necessary. 5, for glue-type gasket, will completely remove residual material, using mixed type adhesive glue to bonding and recombination of the heat exchanger group in special fixture clamping, adhesive curing; Heat insulation in the holding furnace, in order to achieve the best bonding effect. For the no-glue type gasket, using different devices will seal on the film cooling. 6,Inspect the adhesive position of each plate heat sink and bonding quality, according to the installation sequence classification, and then the plate fin group carries on the careful assembly.

        According to the above method for replacement, the performance of PHE gasket will like the new ones.

        Conclusion: in process industry equipment, plate heat exchanger rubber gasket is a high requirement of security equipment, after the seal damage, appears outside the drip is visible. Heat exchanger, heat exchanger, etc will appear slightly drip at the beginning, in shock pressure larger process equipment, may be due to the damage of the gasket and appear larger leakage. Under the strong pressure shock, sometimes gasket can be leave the rubber gasket of the correct installation position of plate heat exchanger, serious when even emerge from the heat exchanger. In this case, must immediately stop equipment working, make the heat exchanger in the case of without pressure cooling to room temperature. If the gasket has deformation under the action of stress, it can't recover its original shape, position, must replace the new gasket. If there is no spare gasket, must from the plate heat exchanger, remove damaged seal rubber gasket set on both sides of the heat sink, and then the remaining heat sink of the gasket surface inspection. Considering rearrange under the condition of stress and the size of the heat exchanger group, pressurized fastening again. Must be installed in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification of the rest of the heat exchanger, in order to ensure that the rest of the heat exchanger have enough stress to resist load, stress multiplied by the original each piece must be allowed to take the original heat exchanger piece number, the product divided by the current surplus heat exchanger on the number of slices, now in each heat exchanger must withstand the assembly stress value.


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